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Hey! I'm a 21 year old from MA and I've loved whales my entire life. I've always loved whale watches, but have always wanted to get closer to the beautiful creatures. My father is an excellent sailor (my family has 2 16 foot sailboats) and shares my love of whales, so he suggested that we go on a whale watching expedition in our sailboat off Cape Cod. I'm at the library right now, researching a completely unrelated topic, and my brain is sort of fried, so I can't think of what to search for in my quest for information about watching big whales in small boats, so I figured I'd ask here. Have any of you done something like this? Any tips? Any links? Thank you!

Whale Poem

If only whales could tell their tales,

t'would be of love, of life, of Mothers giving -

of slaughter, of dying, of babies crying.


As men trespass upon the seas,

to search for, to slaughter, to fulfill their greed.

Their quest is pleading in melodious squeals.


If man would hear their sonic songs,

and know their meaning, what they're trying to say,

they might just hear, "and GOD created them all."


So hear their pleas, forget our greed.

I Pray this happens and the killings cease.

Bless the hearts of those who hear,

May the Humpback forever come back.